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Photo retouch

You would like to get simple photo retouch; such as correcting certain deffects of the images on your documents or your Web sites, their colors, or to give them more professionnal aspect, to make them more commercials...
You would like to alter an image, picture of building, to remove an object or door of an interior photograph, to add or replace a person in a group photograph for example, you might wish to modifie a facial expression, alter colors, shapes, to have a fasy background effect, or produce a movement to a still image.
Leave it up to me...

________silhouette photo________ silhouette photo improved
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__ photo retouching architecture photo retouching fourniture photo retouching interior photo retouching design photo retouching background photo retouching chromie photo retouching silhouette photo retouching face 1 photo retouching face 2 photo retouching object


Photomontage / Faking photo

You would like to give more realisum to an image, or produce any kind of effect to have a surrealistic photomontage or a basic montage or any faking that can't be seen.
This can be achieved from your existing photos, or can be achieved from scratch according to your specifications.

moving photomontage

Door of the "chambre des notaires de Paris" Prohibited reproduction

You come across old and damaged souvenir photos, old identity photos (or any other kind of old and deteriorated document). And you would like to enhance pictures of beloved ones now departed. You would also like to have a photomontage of old pictures with recent photos….


You would like, for his anniversary, to make carry out an assembly with the photograph about a friend -or yourself-. I can make for you any assembly, "faking" photos with the images that you will provide me. I also can and finally to undertake to carry out myself (and with you?) pictures for the realization of photomontage...
All is possible: Mail to me

All these services will be carried out according with the law; by respecting the right of the people and with their agreement.

Who am I ? My work, my customers
I have been in the business of the professional photography for more than 20 years, and today I specialized in the the processing of digital photos: I am fully qualified to undertake all kinds of photo retouch, photomontage (faking photo) , or to create special effects, and prepare the photos for printing or Web display (together with special effects or animations). I can of course undertake any kind of photographic task. The pictures can be made available as negative or prints, slides or ektas or digital forms (hight or low definition, on Tif Jpg or any other format ...) burned on CDrom or sent via Internet. Finally for very reasonable fees I can undertake the supervision of any kind of photographic work such as regular ink jet printing, shooting or duplicating CDroms...
I am looking forward to your custom


Photo retouch and photomontage:
Proxiserve -- Chambre des notaires de Paris -- Hôtel
quatre étoiles Les Jardins du Marais à Paris

Photographie (Entre autre):
Chambre des notaires de Paris -- Cabinet JJ ORY
(Siège crédit Lyonnais, divers...) -- Hôtel quatre étoiles
Les Jardins du Marais à Paris -- Société Générale ...
Elite Traveler (magazine New York)

Courses of photography -- 2001 - 2005
La Ruche - Ecole des métiers de l'art et de la
communication à Paris

Formation courses on Photoshop -- 2001 - 2005
Société IFAS (formation professionnelle pour adultes)

Book in collaboraion , "Retouches photo avec Photoshop"
Editions Eyrolles
Report in the television emission "Téva en parle" n°9
les 16 , 18 et 19 janvier 2005